ELTAI Conference

By Miftah Khan & Shaza Akhtar - L

JBAS holds 4th International ELTAI Conference

The English Language Teachers Association of India (ELTAI) held its 4th International and 40th National conference here in Chennai on the 7th, 8th & 9th of August, 2009. The venue was our own Justice Basheer Ahmed Sayeed College for Women.
The inaugural function included a welcome address by Mr. Faizur Rahman, followed by the Presidential Address by Mr. Moosa Raza, Chairman of the Southern India Education Trust. The Inaugural Address was delivered by Prof. Nalini Ravindran, Director of Collegiate Education, Govt. of Tamil Nadu. The Chief Guest, Hon'ble Mr. Justice S. Mohan delivered the Special Address. Mr. Habibulllah Badsha, Vice-Chairman of the SIE Trust, released the journal and declared the exhibition open. Our Principal, Dr. Nausheen Dawood, proposed the vote of thanks.
Later in the evening, the students of JBAS displayed their talent with a variety of cultural events complete with an English play titled “The Ever After.” There were two contemporary dances which were a big hit, one was called 'The Birth of Rhythm' and the other was called 'The Dance of the Cosmos'. The grand finale was the dance by the Psychology students to the music of "Jai Ho!" Nandini Sreeram, Krithikaa Shurajit and Preethi had the audience spellbound with their melodious singing.
The theme of the Conference was “Managing Mixed-Ability Classes”. There were about 700 delegates from all over India and from abroad. Approximately 250 speakers from all over India and the world presented informative presentations over the three days. Workshops and Panel discussions were held on all three days. Various stalls by different publishers were set up for display as well as sales.
The event was sponsored by the SIE Trust in association with ELTAI, the British Council and the Regional English Language Office (RELO), American Centre, New Delhi. All the delegates and volunteers who participated in the event received certificates of participation. The tireless efforts of teachers and student volunteers alike were applauded by members of ELTAI and college management. Dr. V. Saraswati specially complimented the compering skills of our compering committee.
The event was a grand success with no mishaps whatsoever. The JBAS team is grateful to ELTAI for providing them with such an opportunity.


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