Mobile phones are one of the most wonderful creations of man. It is a boon to human society. Now- a- days, in communication media mobile phones play an important role. The growth of mobile phones in past few years has been experimental. Mobile phone revolution has come up with an amazing speed. We can experience the influence of mobile phones in all the walks of our life. Its role is substantial in the education field also.
Mobile phones have shaped the education in many ways. The UGC and IGNOU are introducing a number of online educational programmes. Through mobile learning we can update our knowledge. The flexibility of mobile learning enables the students to learn at their own time. The online material accessed through mobile phone offers a place for lecturers and students to interact frequently. Mobile phones provide contact service to the learners. This enables them to know the latest information within a minute.
Though mobile phone is considered to be a boon, it is not free from disadvantages. As the mobile phones are available at cheaper rates, the younger generations have become addicted to the mobile phones. Even the low call rates and SMS rates are attracting the younger generation, especially the students. The students' attention towards mobile games and entering logs have made them lose their concentration in studies. Unnecessary use of mobile phones by the students results in waste of time. Students who engage themselves with mobile phones are incapable of learning. Excessive use of mobile phones decreases the mental capacity of the students. Students may become physically inactive and the overuse of mobile phones may cause brain tumor and loss of eye sight.
Mobile phones have power to enlighten or spoil the life of the students. But it depends on how we make use of the mobile phones. So the judicious use of mobile phone is very essential.


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