By A.SADAF AHAMED , BE / BTech , I Year

INDIA has been a developing nation for a quite long period. We have the best brains, fast developing infrastructure and we are nuclear power capable. So, what will stop India from becoming Developed nation? This will not happen unless youngsters enter into politics.

I think that until our politicians are fully corrupt it which makes India difficult to be a superpower by 2020.It is only the younger generation who can make it possible to make India a developed nation.

Indian businessmen are making remarkable position in world's economy.

Whole world is well aware of Indian people's Patriotism, philosophies, Cultures, Engineering, Medical and many other valuable things.Indian people are living in all over the world, contributing and spreading Indian culture at all places.

Some Countries of the world afraid of India, so that they are trying to stop Indian progress but very soon they will realize that India is a friend of all and when it will become a super power it will do all the good things for the whole world.

Not only me, but all humankind will become safe and strong as early as India will become super power. India can become a superpower within 2020. But we need to under take few honest steps from now on.

Corrupt political stands can make serious injuries to our nation. Inflation and crisis are going high. Infrastructures are getting bad. Corruption taking place in Political parties are blocking the way of improvement. Merits and genius minds are going down by the rules of reservation. INDIA is giving birth of genius minds and true merits for all time. But without using these merits, government is exporting them. We are also lacking the space researches.

But at the same time, improvement is not ended at all…. Along with Mr.Ambani, there is a few more Indians are in the Top 10 richest persons of world, also contributing their part to India a lot.

We are improving in various sectors like IT, Automobile, Steel etc. India has already a big global market and a lot of investors found India as great place for investing. And to give us protection and assurance that we will be safe, we have already the 2nd largest Army, 4th largest Air force and 6th largest Navies in the world and our force is equally equipped with good machinery battle weapons and very much experienced and intellectual soldiers.

And hence I will say there will be much wonder if we do not see India as a superpower by 2020. So it is sure that INDIA would become a developed country in 2020.


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