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Independence Day Celebrations

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“At the stroke of midnight India will see a new dawn….” said Jawaharlal Nehru on the night of 14th August, 1947. Today we Indians celebrate that golden moment with the same unmatched enthusiasm that they did 61 years ago.

SJPUC joined the caravan of celebrations by hosting a function on the 15th August 2008. The Students’ Council celebrated the Patriotic week from 11th August 2008 to 14th August 2008 by conducting competitions like Pick and Speak, Poetry Writing, Collage, Badge Making, Sketching and Singing. The prize winners were awarded on 15th August, 2008.

The Chief Guest for the day was Mr. S.V.Krishna Iyer, a freedom fighter, a former MP and Cabinet Minister. The National Flag was unfurled by the Chief Guest along with the Principal, Rev Fr Melwin Mendonca and Lt Sandesh.

The Principal addressed the gathering with his wonderful message about the strides that India has made post Independence.

The Chief Guest’s speech enlightened the gathering. He stressed upon the role of the youth in building up a just society and understand the real meaning of the term FREEDOM. He also remembered his college days wherein they participated in the freedom struggle, Dandi March along with Mahatma Gandhi. He feels elated at the thought of being imprisoned for the sake of his country along with the other freedom fighters.

The show then sported some entertainment programs which included a skit by the Social Service Association, a choir performance by the lecturers of the language department and a dance by the Hindi Parishad. There was also a surprise ethnic wear contest where students in traditional attire were rewarded.

The celebrations culminated with the vote of thanks by the President of the Student Council, thus filling us with Patriotic Fervor.

Freedom of expression exists practically as a fundamental right

Expression lies in the very core of society. Without expression society itself is a myth as expression is what results in one human being relating to another. As human beings and members of the society, each of us has delegated to us- some duties. In return for this, society grants us some rights , allowances of sorts. One such right is the freedom of expression.

Every man, regardless of who he might be, has some opinions, points of view and his own takes or the array of events he observes. This assortment of various opinions is a burden on his mind and expression reduces the load on his shoulders.

As far as India is concerned, constitutionally, legally and practically, freedom of expression is a reality. Everybody – with some necessary effort – can express his views and many people do so as well. The media – both electronic and print – the active social life and the social gatherings that occur ever so frequently in India enable this.

The real flaw in India lies not in availability of freedom of expression but in its consequence. It is extremely common today to switch to a news channel and listen to some reader use his right to the fullest, all the while using it inappropriately. People make incorrect, inflammatory and some times outrageous statements. That is as far as use of the right is concerned.

I must concede that the action one wants taken as a result of exercising the right in question is not always taken, that things are not always done as a result of a statement made and that things said and opinions expressed are not always worked upon as well as they should be. However, it is crucial to note that the problem is not with the right but with the authority, person or any other entity at the receiving end of the statement in question.

Taking all this into consideration, we must be conscious of the fact that the right to freedom of speech is available to us in India. We are all entitled to use it as citizens of this country as long as we stay within the borders of decency, social acceptability and correctness to the extent of our perception. My preceding statements bear testimony to this fact.

Bharadwaj Sheshadri
I P U C ‘I’


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