Only through Mistakes there can be a Discovery or Progress

By S.Sriram, R.Sivaramakrishnan,

Mistakes, i.e. what mankind wishes to avoid during his progress. Everyone wishes to do his or her job flawlessly but mistakes do occur in some way or the other. Sometimes these mistakes are trivial, sometimes beneficial and sometimes grave. Committing mistakes is something common but learning from each mistake is what that matters.
Mistakes have many a times led to new discoveries and society has progressed in the process of correcting these mistakes. The best classical example is Thomas Alva Edison's 'Invention of Light Bulb' after making thousands of experimental errors. Even the construction of the Modern Periodic Table had its progress from many mistakes that were made initially. These mistakes led to inconsistencies in the properties of elements in the table and hence correction of these mistakes has only given it the present form. To be more precise, scientists and researchers learn from their mistakes and work harder to find the reality and that has led to the progress in the field of Science.
To see apart from Science, even the recent Bailout of many banks is because of the mistake they made. They gave loans to many even without an Income Proof and house loans were sold like shares. This mistake led to their downfall and was an alarm to other banks. Hence they have taken necessary steps that promise their progress in a couple of years.
Hence it is evident that learning from mistakes definitely leads to progress. It changes a common man to a well known personality. Gandhiji has made many mistakes during his childhood and he himself has admitted it in his autobiography. But his determination of not committing those mistakes again in his lifetime and his aim to struggle for the nation's freedom has given him the titles 'Mahatma' and 'Father of our Nation'.
Even Samrat Ashoka did a mistake in the form of Kalinga War, that must have gained him ill fame like that of Hitler or Mussolini. But his attitude of correcting his mistake, spreading Love and Peace has made him to be called as 'Ashoka the Great'.
Even one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the leaning tower of Pisa was formed through a mistake.
Thus the way how we look into the mistake makes a lot of difference. And hence it is true that mistakes lead to a progress, if it is analyzed properly. But at the same time, to say that mistakes are the only source of progress or discoveries is an unnecessary exaggeration. Because many discoveries are made even without a single mistake.
Finally, to conclude, progress or discovery is achieved only from the knowledge gained from mistakes and also one must keep in mind that all discoveries did not have their origin from mistakes.



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